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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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For some months now, gamers everywhere can finally play as Jason to fight against our favorite Mortal Kombat characters. But even before the new game, there was always an interesting debate about who'd win between Jason and Scorpion. Both are alike in many ways too. They're undead, fueled by revenge, and wear mask of course. But the fact that they both can't really die means they'd probably fight forever if they met in person. The YouTube channel ''WTFLOL'' had different ideas of how the fight would end though.

Take a look...

Great stuff right? I loved the beginning sequence with you-know-who. The classic Mortal Kombat and Friday The 13th references. And most of all, the open ending. If you watch you'll understand.

The fight itself was pretty awesome. Not nearly as bone bending and blood drenching as it would be if it was a real movie. But you can always buy Mortal Kombat X and make the two duke it out yourself.

I'd love to see these guys do a fight with Michael Myers and Jason. There have been plenty fan films with the two fighting, but these guys know how to make it look and feel about as real as one can without the professional equipment big named studios get to use.


Who Would Win, Jason Or Scorpion?


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