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Well, it's finally here. MAFIA III has been rumoured ever since it's predecessor finished on that whopper of cliffhanger almost 6 years ago. From what we've learn from gamescom; this game is different but very much the same. We have a new protagonist in Lincoln Clay, an army veteran turned criminal master-mind.

Clay is joined by three 'lieutenants' in the game made up of; Burke (The Irish), Cassandra (The Blacks) and yes, the man we've all been waiting to hear of....

Vito Scalleta himself.

Along with these friends, Clay is set for a fun filled, dark and extremely exciting story with MAFIA III being longly anticipated for a very long time. What worries me is whether the story of MAFIA II will be continued or be explained? I do hope there's a very linear cut-scene at the beginning of this 2016 game to explain Vito's journey to the new game's setting (Louisiana) and what happened to our other friend, Joe Barbaro. The loud-mouthed gangster who was Vito's best-friend and who also disappeared

Rick Pasqualone who has played Vito in the previous game is confirmed to be part of the new project. I've spoken to Rick a little bit on Twitter and I get the feeling that he's as disappointed as I am that he's not leading the game.

All things said, the actor who will play Clay is good. His performance and dialogue shown in the trailer released today show a strong character with an even stronger family of friends around him.

MAFIA III is confirmed for a 2016 release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

My personal thanks to Rick Pasqualone for reaching out on Twitter.


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