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I wrote about falling in love with a horror fan in a previous article, but you can't fall in love with one if you never meet one!

With the subject matter in horror films (demons, murder, torture, etc.), it's no wonder us horror fans are given such a bad reputation! I don't blame the people that assume that there's something wrong with us; with all that is good in the world, how could we enjoy things that seem so awful?

Art by Alex Pardee...we just want love and hugs!
Art by Alex Pardee...we just want love and hugs!

For many of us, I believe it's just programmed into our DNA. I can't explain why I enjoy horror so much, but what I can explain is that, surprisingly enough, something about horror makes me feel...normal. I know! Seems very backwards, right?

But while horror brings many of us fanatics back down to Earth, to others we may look like we may be crawling right out of the depths of Hell. Therefore, I'm here to inform you about just how untrue those rumors you've heard about us are! Here are some you've probably heard before:

5) We aren't approachable

I totally understand that having a t-shirt on that says "normal people scare me" can be a little off-putting, but we just really like Tate Langdon. You probably do too! You've seen American Horror Story? We should talk about American Horror Story...

Contrary to popular belief, I've found that horror fans are some of the most enjoyable people to talk about film/television with. We always have loads of suggestions when it comes to horror we love, and we don't care if you've never seen a horror film before, or if you've seen them all! We just want to expose the world to the beauty of good SFX makeup on a villain, or the best kill we've ever seen.

So if you see us in all black or a t-shirt with Pennywise the Dancing Clown on it, look at it this way: we don't want to scare you and we're probably pretty fun at parties.

4) We're psychotic

People believe that our ability to watch people get dismantled negates our ability to feel things, because it's assumed that we somehow relate ourselves to the monsters that we've come to know and love. While the definition of a psychopath is (according to

a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

I find this to be entirely untrue. Sure, we watch psychotic behavior all of the time. Think Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs who fails to learn from experience (or just doesn't care to), or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho who is just all of the above.

However, these characters and films remind us of what not to do. These films are not inspiration by any means. Actually, we probably all have loving relationships with other people that enjoy horror, and we would love to watch American Psycho with you!

3) We worship the devil

This one is just completely unwarranted, and really doesn't make much sense. People are allowed to worship whoever and whatever they please. But it is an important fact to remember that everyone is different!

Just because we watch films about demons or the paranormal (like The Exorcist, seen above), because we've seen graphic sacrifices, does not mean that we're involved in them. We're just in it for the thrill of the films! We're usually big softies.

2) We all enjoy the same type of horror

There are SO many subgenres within the horror genre, including (but not limited to): paranormal, body horror, supernatural horror, sci-fi horror...and we all enjoy different things!

One of us may be more affected by body horror (in which the body is altered by disease, disfigurement, or mutilation; think Tusk, Cabin Fever), while another may be more freaked out by the sci-fi subgenre (think Alien, Dark Skies). I'm personally horrified of the dark, and alligators, but you know, most people think those are two completely tolerable things.

To each their own! But we're all afraid of something! Which leads me to...

1) We don't get scared

There is not a single person that I have ever come across that isn't afraid of anything. We all have different life experiences, have all been raised with different ideals, and because of that, are afraid of different things. Therefore, if you meet a horror fan that says they aren't afraid of anything...well...I'm afraid they may be lying to you.

Everyone watches horror (and enjoys certain horror subgenres) for different reasons. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush of being terrified along with the euphoric feeling that comes with it. That's why we, as horror fans, do what we do! We love to be scared, and we love to be shocked.

If you've ever felt like these apply to your friendly neighborhood horror fan, it's alright. We forgive you, and we want you to understand! Allow us to help you delve into our world, and who knows, perhaps you'll end up falling for us.


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