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I know what you're expecting from this article. You're expecting Harley Quinn, Deadshot and The Joker, and don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see them on screen. However, I feel that due to all the hype surrounding those three characters (especially The Joker), the rest of the Squad was overlooked, even though all of these characters are unique in their own right. Of course they can't make a movie centered on the whole squad, they have to pick 2 or 3 characters on which to focus most, but here are three characters, whom I feel deserve far more attention than they are currently getting

1. (Captain) Boomerang

Out of the whole Squad, I always had a hunch that Boomerang was going to be one of my favourite characters. I loved what they did with the character in Arrow (particularly the fight scenes), because he looked so badass, and this trailer is no exception, I mean look at him:


The only movie I've seen Jai Courteney grace with his acting skills so far is Terminator: Genisys, in which his acting was solid (and yes, I actually enjoyed the movie). I'm definitely going to go ahead and watch a few of his other movies too.

Also did I mention everything sounds better with an Australian accent.

I'm only worried that they've gone for the version of the character who can produce energy boomerangs, as opposed to throwing actual ones, mainly as we don't see any in the trailer. Though I'm sure they're hidden under his massive coat. Probably. Also, boomerang fight scenes? So much YES.

2. Katana


No, I'm not kidding. Katana is (you guessed it) a katana, wielding martial artist, in possession of the soultaker sword, in which the souls of the people it kills can be stored, to later be reincarnated, under control of the swords owner.

For some reason, I highly doubt they'll go for the whole soultaker power in her sword, and make her an expert martial artist and swordsman, so we could be seeing some excellent fight scenes from here.

Karen Fukuhara is the one to bring her to life, and this is her first role (according to IMDB...), so I have no idea what her acting is like, but, as always, if DC and here fellow cast have faith her, then she'll probably do a good job.

3. Enchantress

"Touch me, I dare you."
"Touch me, I dare you."

Enchantress is an interesting character, mainly due to the fact that she is two people; June Moon is her normal, average human name, but upon saying "The Enchantress" turns into a witch-like figure, powerful in energy manipulation.

My guess for this character is, like Katana, they won't go for the WHOLE mystical thing. Just part of it. She won't be able to change back to her usual self, and ends up killing someone close to her (my guess is her boyfriend in the trailer)...

That guy
That guy she'll set out on a journey to find someone who can help her, eventually running into someone who can, A.R.G.U.S, or even Lex Luthor according to some leaks from a while ago (who then uses her as a super-weapon). Also, Cara Delevingne is awesome, and seems a decent actress.

So there. 3 characters that were overlooked in the trailer. I've been writing a lot of Suicide Squad articles, so I think that should express how excited I am for this movie. I genuinely believe it is going to kick-ass. Everything just looks fantastic in this trailer (here it is again):

As always, thank you so much for having a read. It means a lot.



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