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True Detective only has one episode left, and although it's been a rough ride this season, the characters have been consistently interesting. Some of the actors are even redeeming themselves with their performances in this seasons show. With everyones resounding agreement that the characters have been the best part about this season, what could these actors move on to next? With superhero movies being the biggest items at the box office, I began to wonder if perhaps we could see these actors offered up some roles in these upcoming blockbusters, specifically DC's properties.

The Villains

Christopher Baker as The Riddler

Many people, including myself, speculated that Christopher Baker's character had a more nefarious side. As we found out in the penultimate episode of this season, he was actually a much more criminally involved character who was a part of many schemes. To me, this is very similar to The Riddler. The line that convinced me the most was when Vince Vaughn called him out for even showing up to a meeting with him. Vaughn says:

"You've f**ked up, letting yourself be alone in this room with me...You're arrogant, or else you never would have walked in here."

That type of arrogance is the main quality of The Riddler. Nigma always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, regardless of who's in it. This is both Nigma and Christopher Baker's fatal flaw. Together they share an inability to stay ahead in the schemes they themselves have put into motion. The two men always get too cocky and allow themselves to be caught. This is why I think Christopher Baker would make a fantastic Riddler, along with his physicality. Riddler is usually a tall lanky villain who must rely on his wit, and that is an exact description of Christopher Baker.

Timothy Murphy as Hugo Strange

Timothy Murphy plays a great double-edged villain in True Detective called Osip. He's a Russian mobster who has a great front as a business man. Hugo Strange is a character who is reliant on his ability to convey either side of his personality in whatever situation he is in. Both men know when to show their well-mannered business side, and when to display their criminal dominance in order to claim power and influence. Furthermore, Timothy Murphy has one hell of a square jaw that would fit perfectly with Hugo Strange. He also has an accent that could be easily adjusted to sound a bit more like the Batman villain.

Ritchie Coster as Victor Zsasz

Many fans of the iconic The Dark Knight might remember Ritchie Coster as the Russian mobster who tries to work with The Joker, only to later be betrayed and murdered by him. Needless to say, he already has a bit of a foothold in the DCU, and could possibly try to use his prior involvement to secure himself a role in the new DCEU. However, after seeing his performance in True Detective this season, I would prefer him to play a bit of a larger role than just a throwaway mobster. I think he'd be perfect as murdering, self-harming psychopath Victor Zsasz. With his shaved head and stature, he reminds me a lot of how Zsasz is usually portrayed. Coster also has a very damaged look to him that could work well to visually establish him as a murderer who has been taking lives for years. Even more than his physical attributes, I think Ritchie Coster has shown us, in this season of True Detective, that he can be a multi-layered scumbag which is crucial to Zsasz's psyche. Coster has shown through his character on the show that he can portray someone who thinks he's always in power and that what he is doing is necessary for the greater good. Zsasz is obsessive about his "work" to heal Gotham through murder, just like Coster's character is obsessive about his criminal workings to help Vinci stay afloat.

Vince Vaughn as Mr. Freeze

Vince Vaughn was a tough one for me to figure out. His stature definitely affects the character choice for him because he is a very tall guy. This is why I was more attracted to him being Mr. Freeze, who is typically a large man. Upon further thought, I think Vince Vaughn's character from this season actually has a whole lot in common with Mr. Freeze. Vaughn, while striving to be a business man rather than a criminal, does everything in his power to give his wife a life that he thinks she deserves. Mr. Freeze becomes a criminal in order to find a cure and fund his research to save his wife's life. As circumstance would have it, both men have to delve deeper into the criminal underground in order to fix the problems in their lives and hopefully achieve their ultimate goals. I also think Vaughn displayed the dramatic chops that would be necessary to portray Mr. Freeze. We saw him be a dominant physical force, a mindful tactician, and a vulnerable man who just wants his wife's life to be better.

The Heroes

Colin Farrell as John Constantine

I know Constantine has blonde hair, but hear me out! Colin Farrell, for most of his career, has played a straight laced pretty boy. However this season of True Detective has helped him bring out a dark side that we've never seen before. He has been the shining light (albeit darkest in terms of actions) in the entire season. Farrell's Velcoro has been the most interesting part of the entire second season, and he has given us an extremely well-rounded character. Velcoro's arc starts in tragedy, and his story is all about him trying to claw his way back to salvation. Constantine has almost the exact same arc. Although both are heroes, they are men who have done very bad things, but work tirelessly to redeem themselves in the eyes of those they care about. Something else that both men share is there own self image. In the second to last episode, Colin Farrell admits that he is a bad man. Constantine also thinks this about himself and is constantly reassuring his friends that he is indeed a terrible person. Much like officer Bezzerides, Constantine's friends know that he is actually a good person at heart but sometimes does bad things with good intentions. Plus, both can really make drinking scotch and smoking a cigarette look good and intimidating.

Rachel McAdams as Black Canary

Rachel McAdams' career has been a lot like Colin Farrell's where we've only seen her do the good girl role. In only a few instances we've seen her be somewhat troubled or angry, but in this show she is almost unrecognizable. McAdams is one badass cop. She has a tattered past, as one would expect from a character in this show, but her character also has some great traits; for instance: she's a master of hand-to-hand combat (specifically with knives), extremely perceptive, tactful, empathetic, ambitious, strong-willed, and confident. Her character Bezzerides is almost a superhero in her own right! However in looking for her DC counterpart, I think she most resembles Black Canary. Black Canary is known for being one of the most skilled combatants in the DCU and is an icon for female superheroes. She is also a damaged character who sometimes pushes the envelope to solve a case or to save someone, much like Bezzerides when she kills a security guard in order to save a girl. They both struggle with the tough decisions they are forced to make, but ultimately have good intentions and justice in mind at all times. I also think both are physically very similar and I'd love to see her portray the live-action version of Black Canary.

Taylor Kitsch as Kyle Rayner

For the uninitiated, Kyle is a Green Lantern who ultimately becomes the first White Lantern. He becomes a White Lantern by being able to access the emotional spectrum that separates each lantern core. This makes him an extremely powerful Lantern as well as an interesting character. Rayner is a lot like Taylor Kitsch's character because both are amazing leaders, fighters, and the young-guns in their respective groups. What stood out to me about both characters were their immense power. Taylor Kitsch's character was probably the most effective in the field and in his investigation than the others, and Kyle Rayner is the most powerful Lantern yet lives in the shadow of those who came before him. I think that members of both of their groups underestimate them, despite all of the extraordinary reasons as to why they shouldn't.

With True Detective ending this upcoming Sunday, are you excited to see what these actors will be doing next? Be sure to let me know what you all thought about my match-ups and tell me who you think they should be in the DCEU! Thanks for reading everyone!


Which character was your favorite on this season of True Detective?


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