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Not only did Ryan Reynolds bring the Deadpool red band trailer with him on last night's CONAN -- he also delivered the sarcastic quips that got him the part in the first place. During his interview, the actor remembered his role in 2011's Green Lantern just as fondly as so many movie-goers do today:

After detailing an emotional story about how Reynolds, the Deadpool story team, and the fans rallied together to get the movie, before host Conan O'Brien mentioned the actor's great impression of voiceover legend Don Lafontaine in Monday's trailer. Reynolds responded by cracking at his other, not-as-well-loved comic book movie role:

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, in…Green Lantern 2. Rated OGNA for “Oh God, Not Again!”

Whether you were a fan of the film or not, the joke is yet another fun jab at the film by Reynolds. The first one featured, in the trailer, is when Wade Wilson requests that his 'superhero suit' not be colored green.

Are you expecting more Deadpool jabs at the film so many want to sweep under the rug? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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