ByEsiah Torres, writer at

I think decendents 2 should should bring out 4 extra villinas kids.The first child should be the daughter of The Queen of Hearts and her name would be Quiora, and would be played by Peyton List.The second child would be the son of Dr.Facilier from The Princess and The Frog and would be played by Tyrel Jackson Williams.The third child would be the daughter of Ersula from ,The Little Mermaid and her name would Esmeralda and should be played by Zendaya.The fourth and final child would be the son of Captain Hook ,and his name would be named Hector and would be played by Blake Michle.The Queen of Hearts,Dr.Facilier,Ersula,and Hook and their decendants will team up with Currella De Vill , Jafar, and, Evil Queen as they trie to get revenge on there children by invading Auradoun while their decendants were chosen to go to Aurodaun Prep. And when Ersulas daughter casts a spell on Prince Ben and those decendants are tought by Mal,Evie,Carlos,and Jay teach each them that good is more powerfull evil.Thank you so much for reading and I really hope to see this in decendants 2


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