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Got a PS4 or an Xbox One? Are you a Mad Max fan? We've got great news for you! If you didn't know it already, let me tell you that this fall you can become the road warrior and journey through the last remains of what we once called civilization. Early this year visionary filmmaker George Miller debuted Fury Road, the long delayed and much anticipated fourth chapter in the Mad Max franchise and to the surprise of everyone it surpassed all expectations becoming (to put it simple) the best action movie of the year.

If you're a video game player chances are you've seen some mediocre games based-on a movie. Remember that awful and disastrous The Phantom Menace video game? Or perhaps you heard about that Tron Evolution game that has nothing but beautiful graphics? In the past, the film industry hasn't invested that much money in video games and when it has, the results have been... well... ignorable.

But wait, things seem little different now. Warner has developed a Mad Max game and it looks totally bad-ass! Check this out:


The tone and atmosphere of the movies can be felt all over the game trailer. It's the Max Rockatansky we knew in The Road Warrior. A lone, angry and crazy man in a non-stop journey to everywhere and nowhere. The Mad Max game was delayed because Warner Studios wanted to see the audience reaction towards the film and since it was almost unanimously praised then, plans they had for the game moved forward as well.

And what about the story? There are scarcely few details about the plot but for what we've seen in the latest, and possible final trailer, we'll get to explore some of the referenced places in Fury Road -like Gas Town and Bullet Farm- or expect the presence of the War Boys for instance. Also, I daresay that the video game story doesn't take place during Fury Road, consequently it's an all new story. Moreover, Mad Max films kind of share the same structure of the Mission: Impossible ones, since none of those are direct sequels or follow-ups and each film reboots the franchise.

If George Miller decides not to make another Mad Max film, it will be a pity but what he did in Fury Road hasn't been seen around lately. And as we await for the Mad Max blu-ray release (which is rumored to have a black and white silent version of the film) we can also prepare ourselves to witness another crazy story in the endless journey of our road warrior but important question is, will this game live up to the reputation of Fury Road? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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