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"You have to be what you are. Whatever you are, you gotta be it." -Johnny Cash. Tweet a tweeter at my twitty twitter, @tw1tterintw1t
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Spidey, with your superhuman strength, spider-like reflexes, little gripper thingies on your hands and feet, and your (sometimes) organic web shooters. Batman, with your money, brains, and awesome cars and gadgets. Superman, you and your...whole lot of superpowers. You guys have it all, don't you? Well, what about us little guys? Sometimes, the best we can do is put on a mask, and film ourselves acting like complete goofb--huge fans!

I scoured Youtube, and here are some great examples of ordinary everyday Joes that just want to be superheroes. Some of them are heartwarming, and some of them are just downright funny, but all of them are, well, dudes in masks and costumes. Sweet!

Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh BatDad!

This guy is one of the funniest things on Youtube, IMO. His family is pretty awesome too, especially that wife for putting up with him!

Here's one of his latest compilations:

Here's his facebook if you want to follow BatDad Blake!


More cute than meets the eye!

Here are some kids with some extremely cool parents that know how to make a costume!

Superheroes Fighting Grime at a Children's Hospital

Aw, right in the feels-

Collegehumor always supplies us with the best Superyucks

This site spoofs Bats and Supes with the best of them! They make two grown funny a$$ men dress up like superheroes and the end result is Krypton-splitting humor.
Sorry, too soon?

Here are two of the funniest! (caution, superlanguage!)

Batman finds his voice:

And Batman ticks Superman off, with Commisioner Gordon's help:

Here's some stomach turning stuff of people dressing up and hanging off a skyscraper

Who doesn't like college pranks? They break up those deathly boring lectures!

Batman in class-

Superman in class-

Spiderman in class!

Zorro in class! Not really a superhero, but it's Zorro!

And of course, just google "comic con cosplay" if those videos weren't enough!


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