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Where do I even begin, in describing this masterpiece? The Joker Blogs is a web series started in 2008, produced by, and starring, Scott McClure. The series takes place after the events of Christopher Nolans "The Dark Knight", and, done in the style of Heath Ledger's iconic Joker, follows the Clown Prince of Crime through his therapy sessions in Arkham Asylum.

Now, one of the first reasons I enjoyed this series is due to the stellar acting from the man behind the make-up, Scott McClure. Not only did he take a bold step in attempting to re-create what has now become an iconic portrayal of The Joker, but he pulls it off almost perfectly. From the voice and the laugh, down to the barely noticeable mannerisms, like chewing on his tongue, or the extravagant hand gestures, Scott manages to deliver a piece of art in his portrayal, and gives us a little bit more Joker to enjoy. As well as Scott's performance as the titular psycopath, the supporting cast is just as superb. Steven Molony does an incredible job as Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, trying to juggle the attention of the press, the somewhat deteriorating conditions within the asylum, oh, and The Joker's "adventures" around his offices, and his interactions with his staff. Kira Westberg, although merely a voice behind a camera for the most part, plays anincredibly convincing Doctor Harleen Quinzel. The series follows the Joker's therapy sessions with said doctor, and is done in the style of video recordings of the sessions. What I really like about this is that it manages to keep the audience completely engrosed. For instance, in one episode, The Joker begins talking to "people". When Dr. Quinzel asks who he's tallking to, he says "I've got someone who's gonna put these up on youtube." It's those little bits of audience involvement that I feel really help bring this series to life. The relationship between Harleen and The Joker becomes much more interesting and complex as the series goes on, and I won't spoil anything, but she does eventually get her hands on a shotgun. And it's awesome.

Another thing that struck me with this web series was the fantastic writing, to compliment the fantastic acting. The Joker has some amazing lines that really show off his character, and we even get another story about how he got his scars! The conversations between characters always seem to move the story forward, or pay homage to the comics, or past events in the DC universe, and it's refreshing to see some real dedication to the source material.

The Joker Blogs is currently on it's second season, but a new episode hasn't been released in a while. In the mean time, I definitely recommend you watch this, especially if your a fan of The Dark Knight, and are still craving a little bit more of that crazy clown.


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