ByRon Lester, writer at

In one word...DEADPOOL!

Ryan Reynolds suffered his worst years, critically, after tackling Green Lantern and Deadpool(his prior incarnation wasn't entirely his fault). Even though the screenwriters were really to blame, he still took the role.

Here's why I believe he's bound for a huge turnaround.

Ryan Reynolds made his career out of his boyish good looks and sarcastic wit. With Deadpool, he's getting a chance to mock everything everyone ever loved about him.

I mean, seriously, we've all been "Waiting..." to see "Van Wilder" wrestle with his heroic demons. Heck, he even gets in a bunch of pot shots at his past heroic decisions. If you haven't had a chance to check out the trailers, take a gander above.

He's also hungry for a new hit, especially since he's enjoying his time as a new proud papa. This is his biggest reasoning for getting back on top of his game.


Are you stoked to see the new Deadpool flick?


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