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It's been a while since we've heard about the long-speculated and debated casting of Wally West for season two of The Flash, which kicked into overdrive after the character was announced as part of the regular cast of the upcoming season at last year's San Diego Comic Con. But now, Variety has confirmed that Austrailian actor Keiynan Lonsdale has been cast as the young speedster, best known in the comic book universe for first suiting up as Kid Flash, then taking on the mantle of The Flash himself.

In the original comics, Wally was a nephew of Iris West's, but the show's eager blogger (and the love interest of Barry Allen) has no actual siblings on the show. It's yet to be determined how Wally is exactly related to Iris, and there's some debate over whether Wally will eventually suit up as Kid Flash and fight alongside the show's title hero.

Fans can remain hopeful, thanks to an interesting choice of words from the show's executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg:

Just like when we met Grant for the first time, we instantly knew Keiynan embodied all the heart and courage of a hero. We are so excited to be bringing this much-beloved character onto the show.

The introduction of Kid Flash could lead to an interesting crossover with the proposed Titans televison series, as Wally was one of the founding members of the team in the comic series. Lonsdale is best known for his role as Uriah in the Insurgent film series, and joins two other recently announced castings within the DC Television Universe: Casper Crump as Vandal Savage, and Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall/Hawkman.


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