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Bioware have announced the next single player DLC for last year's hit game, Dragon Age Inquisition!

With this new edition to the Dragon Age Inquisition story, players will be taking on the biggest and most seamless dungeon in the history of the Dragon Age series.

The Decent will allow you to explore more of the Deep Roads of legend as a result of recent earthquakes. This challenge will not be for the faint of heart as Bioware have set out a perilous adventure in the depths where darkspawn infested caverns and caves await.

You will meet new characters as well as learn more about dwarven history. New items and loot will be your reward as you go about uncovering another of the mysteries of Thedas!

This dungeon focused DLC is an interesting take for the Dragon Age series. Hopefully it will provide us with a combat challenge as well as expanding the universe and lore even more!

Bioware have given the Decent a release date of Aug 11 2015 for PC PS4 and XO. EA access member will save 10% on this DLC. Alas PS3 and 360 users will not be getting this DLC.


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