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Me and my child love Desendents the first. Here are some thoughts i wanted to share. The villians somehow escape and come back and have a whole fight. The childrens villians get cursed from Maleficent and no one knows. Then Maleficent controls them to steal the wand and bring it back. But there is a twist to Maleficents plan. Ben saw Maleficent curse the children and Ben dicides to go to Maleficent and tell her to stop. Turns out it was a bad idea. Ben gets hurt. Ben luckily survives. Ben gets really upset that he did not stop Maleficent though.The next day Maleficent trys to make the children act normal until it would be the right moment to grab the wand. The next day it was beautiful and sunny like any other day in Auradon. That day it was Bens father and mother funeral. They died of being just too old. At the funeral when the kids were there Maleficent gets the children to get closer to the wand that The fairy godmother was holding. When fairy godmother was speaking with the wand Maleficent controls the children to grab it. And so they did. Then Ben stares into Mals eyes and talks her out of being controlled then Mal tells the rest of the children that they were being controlled and fought it off to turn back to normal. They then sneaked up on Maleficent and made them control her. They made another barrier around the island more powerful than the last one thinking the villians did not escape the island of the lost yet. They did not know what Maleficent could do with her powers. They accidently controlled Maleficent to give the kids and Ben powers too. They also did not know they also gave powers to the evil villians as well. They did not know yet. Suddenly Jafar, The Evil Queen, and Cruella Davil show up. Turns out before they built the barrier they were already out. How they did it was... Maleficent told them about the bridge that leads across. So they knocked out the driver that brought the kids is Desendents 1 to Auradon and stole his controller to open the bridge. They soon figured that out since the villians told them. They used their powers and were frightend but were kind of excited. They used their powers against the Villans. Jafar and Cruella were searchind for the magic wand and Jay and Carlos went after them. It was only the evil Queen and Ben and Mal. They fought and when Mal wasn't paying attention the Evil Queen struck. She used her powers which is a lightning bolt to hit Mal. Luckily Ben saw and quickly went in front of Mal and protected them both with a shield. They all sent the villians back to The island of the lost. The next morning Mal thanks Ben for saving her. Ben says thanks and for the first time Ben and Mal kiss. The end


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