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Movies, for some, can be a fun group experience. You go to a movie theater or hang out at home and get lost in a story together. Afterwards, there's probably some talk about the movie followed by copious drinking (or maybe you make a drinking game out of the movie). Sometimes, though, it's better to just watch a movie on your own. Here's three reasons why.

3. The One With A Million Questions

What just happened? Why did they go there? Is that the guy from Magic Mike? If it's something they don't get, you best believe they're going to ask out loud while pointing at the screen so that you look at that very thing they're asking about. Never mind that a lot of their questions can be answered by simply watching the plot unfold. No, no. They need to know about it right this second.

2. The Phone Addict

Picture this situation briefly. You're hanging out with a friend and you're very excited about this film you're about to see. You can't wait to share this experience with said friend so you can fangasm together and just geek out. It'll be great, right? Totally. Unfortunately, there are Snapchat stories to check and Facebook updates to scroll through. Let's not forget Instagram feeds and Twitter updates. Look, you just have to understand that Kim's latest Tweet is probably more important than what's going on in the movie. But don't worry they're watching (they said so). You just need to pause it every now and again. Also, may need to explain the whole movie to them after it's over.

1. The Jaded One

Suspension of disbelief is a pretty key component to enjoying any sort of story. It's just our mind's way of letting stuff that seems a little out there slide so that we can enjoy the story. Maybe we accept it as simply being part of the universe that those characters are in or we secretly wish that we could do what they're doing. Whatever it is, you're willing to believe it because the story is solid enough to carry it along. Not for this person. Every other sequence of is followed with "Oh, come on!" or "That's so fake!" and sometimes even "This is why I hate movies!" You're left questioning two things when you're with them. 1. Why were they invited in the first place? 2. Why'd they even agree to come?

Those are just a handful of examples and I'm sure that if I dig deep enough in my bottle frustrations I could probably find more. Have you encountered these people in your life? If not, lucky you. Are there some that you feel bear mentioning? Let me know in the comments below!

Lastly, what are your cardinal sins of movie watching?


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