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Family Guy is one of the most risky, animated comedy shows out there, bringing in new ways to make the audience gasp from the shock of their offensive manner. What many people do not realize, however, is how amazing their cast is. Most people know the basics, including Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis and Seth Green. But what many people do not realize is that numerous characters on the show, both big and small, are actually some big named actors.

Below are sixteen big actors and actresses you may or may not have known have voiced different characters in Family Guy.

1. Robert Downey Jr. - Patrick Pewterschmidt

Back in 2005, Robert Downey Jr. voiced Lois Griffin's long lost brother Patrick, who turned out to be a serious psychopath who hunted down and killed fat people. He was known as the Fat Guy Strangler. Of course, when the character Patrick returned in 2012, Robert Downey Jr. did not reprise his role because he was too busy being Iron Man. Check out RDJ below:

2. Drew Barrymore - Jillian

Brian Griffin's idiotic girlfriend was voiced by actress Drew Barrymore in 12 different episodes. It's actually an enormous surprise that Drew kept coming back for so many episodes, even after her character's story arc had ended in the show. Here's a quick clip from Jillian's first appearance:

3. Carrie Fisher - Angela

This is one of the lesser known celebrities in Family Guy. Carrie Fisher, best known for playing Leia in Star Wars, is the voice actress for Peter's boss Angela in almost 20 different episodes. It makes her character's appearance in their third Star Wars parody all the more special.

4. Patrick Stewart - Susie Swanson (and Others)

Patrick Stewart has become a well recognized voice actor and has voiced several different gag characters in Family Guy, in addition to voicing himself. His largest role, however, is that of Susie Swanson, the daughter of Joe and Bonnie Swanson. He voices the inner thoughts of Susie, which stray from regular baby thoughts to immensely dark thoughts. Here's one of her brighter thoughts:

5. Will Ferrell - The Black Knight

Before Will Ferrell was as enormous as he is now, but after his SNL career, he occasionally did small roles in TV shows. One of these roles was voicing the Black Knight in Family Guy. It is the episode where Peter starts working at the Renaissance fair, but becomes fast enemies with the Black Knight. Check him out in the video below and see if you can hear Will Ferrell's voice:

6. Tony Sirico - Vinny

After the death of Brian Griffin, the Griffins adopted a new dog named Vinny. What many people did not realize, however, was that Vinny was actually voiced by The Sopranos star Tony Sirico. Of course, it's not an enormous surprise that people didn't catch it as Family Guy and The Sopranos did not often attract the same audiences.

7. Bryan Cranston - Dr. Jewish

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston briefly appeared as a veterinarian named Dr. Jewish in an episode of Family Guy from 2008. He was a very short-lived character that only appeared for about 30 seconds in the whole episode. I much prefer Bryan's later appearance in Family Guy as himself winning an award for sneezing:

8. Ricky Gervais - Billy Finn the Dolphin

Ricky Gervais played one of the strangest roles in Family Guy history: Billy Finn, a talking, British dolphin. He invited himself into the Griffin household and crashed their for longer than expected. Fortunately for us, his character was simply hilarious. Here, take a look:

9. Cate Blanchett - Penelope

Australian actress Cate Blanchett made a more recent appearance in Family Guy as Stewie's girlfriend Penelope. They both shared a mutual fondness for chaos and world domination. Clearly, they wreaked a lot of havoc during the course of that episode. Check out the clip below of them messing with Pakistan and India:

10. Wallace Shawn - Bertram

Wallace Shawn, best known as being the guy who says "inconceivable" a lot in The Princess Bride, voices Stewie's evil brother Bertram in multiple different episodes of Family Guy. He has a very recognizable voice, so many people managed to spot him. He also returned as Bertram in the video game Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse where he was the main villain.

11. Ben Stein - Rabbi Goldberg

Ben Stein, best known for being the teacher in Ferris Bueler's Day Off, appeared in two different episodes of Family Guy as Rabbi Goldberg, the rabbi at Quahog's Jewish temple. He was a very overlooked character, so I couldn't get any clips. Stein's smooth and monotonic voice did have a good effect in the episodes, though.

12. Anna Kendrick - Nora

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick appeared briefly as Nora, a fellow police officer of Joe's. Joe ends up sleeping with Nora, cheating on his wife Bonnie. It was a small role, but somehow big enough for them to hire Anna Kendrick for.

13. Ellen Page - Lindsey

Ellen Page, known for movies like Inception, Juno and the X-Men franchise, appeared as one of Chris' girlfriends in an episode. The catch? She looked exactly like Lois, which created a bit of tension.

14. Jimmy Kimmel - Death's Dog

Back before he had his own show, Jimmy Kimmel briefly appeared as Death's dog. It was a very brief scene where he followed Death into the Griffin house, thinking Brian had died, then left once he realized he was alive.

15. Amanda Bynes - Anna

The host and star of The Amanda Show appeared as Chris' girlfriend Anna in one episode. She worked at the vet (the same vet that Bryan Cranston's Dr. Jewish worked at) and met Chris there. They had a strong relationship, but Peter messed things up for Chris by convincing him to be a jerk, as seen below:

16. Jim Parsons - Gay-jacker

One of my favorite cut-away gags in Family Guy is the 'gay-jacked' scene. Recently, I discovered that the voice actor was actually Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. Check it out and see if you can spot his voice. It's nothing like how he voices Sheldon.

Family Guy has included countless celebrities, and these are only a few of the ones who voiced other characters. There are many more, including people who voiced themselves, like Ryan Reynolds and Liam Neeson.


Which celebrity's appearance in Family Guy surprised you most?


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