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With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) being right around the corner (and when I say "right around the corner," I'm actually giving myself an excuse to speculate on this movie incredibly far in advance, even though it's still several months away), rumors and speculation are running rampant. Little is truly known about the upcoming movie and everyone is ready to find out what's next for our favorite heroes.

The Backstory

Well, we know they will fight, that there will be newcomers, and we know Cap and Iron Man with face off. But, the big question on most people's minds is: what exactly drives the entirety of Marvel's heroes to fight each other in an all out Civil War?

In the comics, it's the Superhero Registration Act; which seems a little odd in the MCU, considering how few of our superheroes keep their identities a secret. The ones who will be a mystery to the world in the upcoming movie are Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and... that's it. Everyone else either doesn't care who knows who they are or doesn't even attempt to hide their secret identity.

Does the Superhero Registration Act Make Sense?

Now, I'm not saying this won't happen, but it seems a little silly. What would be even sillier is if S.H.I.E.L.D. - or whoever it is who's in charge now - decides that now superheroes have to register themselves with no prompting whatsoever.

In the comics, it doesn't happen like that. The New Warriors raided a building during a televised event to recapture some escaped villains, things went south and it resulted in an explosion that killed just about everyone nearby, including children at an elementary school.

But in the MCU, we don't have the New Warriors. We have something else that is less heroic and certainly more dangerous.


Okay, yeah, if they killed lots of people in one fell swoop it wouldn't have any effect or backfire on any heroes.

Unless, they used a superhero or a superhero's abilities to do the killing, or whatever other evil things they have planned. But none of our great heroes would just willingly give in to Hydra like that, they're not that stupid. And they couldn't steal Stark's tech, either, he's way too smart for them. And Ant-Man just stopped Darren Cross from selling the Yellow Jacket tech to Hydra.

How silly of me, to make that mistake. I'll just end this article right now and delete it...

Stolen Particles

Oh wait. Hydra managed to grab themselves some Cross particles that Mitchell Carson nabbed during the confusion when the fighting broke out. Meaning they have the means to make an entire army. Meaning our heroes have a problem. Meaning the whole world has a problem. And who do you think people will be blaming when Hydra strikes?

Yup. Ant-Man. They'll not only going to blame Scott Lang, but Hank Pym as well. And if Ant-Man isn't already part of the team at the start of Civil War, then Falcon will certainly inform the others about Ant-Man's abilities and how it distinctly lines up with Hydra's new soldiers.

Hank and Scott won't be able to defend themselves because Darren Cross is gone, after that last fight scene with Scott. Whether he died completely or just went into the Microverse (the latter being far more likely), he's gone, and Hank and Scott have no one to pin this on.

Hence, Civil War

And that is when the Superhero Registration Act rears its ugly head. Whatever Hydra did was awful, more awful than what they've done before (though that'd be hard to accomplish), and it's because a hero slipped up, or at least that's how the authorities and the Avengers see it.

No one will listen to Scott, who's a known thief who actually stole the suit from Hank originally. And they certainly won't listen to Hank, who hasn't been heard from since he left the superhero gig years ago and actually left his company to the evil that was Darren Cross.

Cap and Iron Man bicker over the Superhero Registration Act, and then things escalate and boom.

Civil War.

But what do I know, I'm just a geek sitting at a computer with too much time to waste on these movies. I'll let you decide.


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