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I knew it was coming, and let's be honest, you knew it was coming too. A Nightmare On Elm Street is on it's way back to theaters once again. Which officially makes Freddy Krueger the last big Horror Icon to be announced for a rebirth, recalibration, reboot, remake, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, this is big news.

Bloody Disgusting reports that New Line Cinema is the studio behind it the reboot this time. And that Orphan writer, David Leslie Johnson would be the person to bring the dream demon back to life.

The 2010 remake of the original Elm Street was a financial juggernaut. But critically, the movie is seen as one of the worst, if not the worst horror movie remake of the last few years. Many things can be named as reasons for its failure. But the biggest complaint was the portrayal of Freddy himself. He looked different, he sounded bad, and he was no where near as creative in the killing department, something the character is known for. So it's obvious that if they don't get the right actor to don the green and red striped sweater and Fedora, the movie may as well not be made.

But me personally? I'm willing to give this movie a chance. Robert Englund will of course never be replaced as the greatest Freddy Krueger, but maybe a new actor can channel at least some of the classic Freddy's mannerisms and personality. Besides, if Mr.Englund is willing to give someone else a chance to play the iconic villain, then I think we should too!

But I know most of you are probably saying this right now.

Putting my opinions to the side. This is very big, and very good news for Slasher movies and Horror in general. Horror itself has been over done with paranormal movies full of jump scares and cliche characters. But with Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pinhead, AND Leatherface coming out with new movies in just the next year or two alone. Horror might just be making a turn in the right direction.

The new Elm Street movie will more than likely be released somewhere in 2016 or 2017.


Are YOU Excited For Freddy's Return?


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