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In the post by Sean Bailey I read through all of his opinions of who should be in the new DCCU and thought it over about who i thought should be in it. I really like green arrow and all but he just isn't as exciting or driven as the red hood. I watch the TV series arrow and it does great but i think someone else should get FaceTime since Oliver Queen has been radiant for three going on four years. I'm not going to say anything in my opinion on Martian Manhunter because he is one of the few characters that i have neglected to read about. John Stewart definitely not because the Green Lantern Corps movie that is scheduled to come out June 19th, 2020 is most likely to involve John and not Hal Jordan. And also beside the suicide squad movie(which I am super hyped for by the way) there isn't really a good anti-hero confirmed yet. Sure the movie has Harley Quinn, Floyd Lawton, Waylon Jones, and just about any amazing super villain you can think but they aren't exactly anti-heroes. Take Floyd Lawton for example, the only reason he agrees to working with task force X (other than the threat of being blown up) is to hope to see his daughter again. However Jason Todd does what he does for vengeance. And his story is a lot more intriguing than Green Arrow's because his involves him well... dying you know. Who to play him? I have no idea, sure Jensen Ackles would be a alright fit but you also maybe have to think outside of the box.


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