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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

[The Walking Dead](tag:201193) has been a hit for AMC. Walking Dead is easily the biggest show on network television and it was only a matter of time before a spin-off was created. Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel of sorts and takes place during the beginning of the outbreak. The series is set in Los Angeles while the original Walking Dead is set in Georgia. A lot of people are very skeptical of the spin-off for with good reason.

Can Fear The Walking Dead live up to its potential?

Fear the Walking dead certainly has potential. The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful shows in recent memory. Nothing is going to top the original Walking Dead series but FTWD could really get up there as one of the top tier television shows around. The show looks great from what we have seen so far, and if you haven't checked out the Comic-Con trailer yet, you can watch it here:


How will it differ from The Walking Dead?

One thing to always remember about Fear the Walking Dead is that it will be an entirely different series. As far as we know, it shares the same universe as The Walking Dead, but is set in a very different time period and location. Fear the Walking Dead, unlike the main series, is completely original and does not borrow from a comic book counter part. It does not seem to be as dark and gritty as The Walking Dead but that's mainly because Fear The Walking Dead takes place well before the events experienced by Rick and the group. Hopefully this spin-off brings us a bevy of lovable characters to connect with and cherish.

A new show means more ZOMBIES!

Everyone knows the feeling of sadness we experience, whenever Walking Dead ends and we have to wait months to get our zombie fix. Another zombie show on television would increase the amount of zombie action we can consume. If you are on the fence about whether Fear the Walking Dead will succeed, then look at it from this perspective; we get 13 extra weeks a year to enjoy zombies and that is already a step in the right direction.



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