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I love movies and I am currently watching a bunch of classic movies to gain more knowledge of film.
Jackson Fulcher

Well, it's been official for a while, but now they've confirmed it. Hollywood is so desperate for ideas that they'll make anything into a movie. Case and point, The Pez Movie. That's right. Hollywood has announced that an animated Pez movie is in the works. For anyone who doesn't know, Pez is the picture above. A candy dispenser that can have a Marvel theme or a Star Wars theme or any kind oftheme. HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A MOVIE?! Now I already lost faith in Hollywood a couple weeks ago when they announced an Emoji movie was in development, but are you kidding me, PEZ? The common argument is basically, "Well The Lego Movie worked so how bad could this be?" The Lego Movie worked because of it's great directors and overall great message. And since Lego's have a lot of properties like Star Wars, DC, Lord of the Rings, they can bring in a lot of stories. Also, have you seen Ninjago? I don't really watch it but it's a whole show animated in Lego fashion, and it works. What can Pez do? What can Emoji's do? What can a Tetris movie do? All i'm saying is Hollywood should try to make more original content or movies film lovers actually want to see. Not try desperately to make money that they rely on Candy Dispensers to do so. But how do you feel about this Pez movie, leave your thoughts below!


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