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The Old (2010)

In 2010 we got a god awful remake of Nightmare On Elm Street. Should have called A Kind of Scary Dream On Lame Street... I remember seeing it in theaters and about half way through it, I needed to walk out to smoke a cigarette because I couldn't believe how horrible it was... Every once and a while you get a good remake the most recent for me would be, Evil Dead.

The 2010 remake of Nightmare On Elm Street was directed by Samuel Bayer, who is known for music videos... Ok, what the hell New Line Cinema, how are you going to give one of the most iconic slasher film franchise to him? The cast itself wasn't to bad. I really tried giving Jackie Haley a chance as Freddy. I do respect the dude. But, he was missing the personality Robert England brings to the character. You can interchange actors playing Jason, Leatherface and Michael, they are suits and masks but you can't replace a personality. Even the Writing was sloppy. How are you going to take lines from the originals and the sequels and put them in the remake. One thing I despise in remakes is taking the original and basically just re-shooting the scenes and taking the same lines and recycle it and then call it a remake? Be creative change it up!

The New

David Leslie Johnson was tapped to write the script. Which, got me pretty excited for this reboot. He was announced to be writing the Warner Bro's Dungeon and Dragons, movie. Johnson's, screenwriting credits include Wrath of the Titans, the forthcoming sequel to The Conjuring, Orphan and has wrote for the Walking Dead. At least the script is in good hands! Now, lets see who takes the directing chair and who the producers will be. Fingers crossed!!

The make or break on the new reboot is finding a new Freddy. With Robert England being done with the character, who could possibly fill his shoes as Freddy? My picks would be Robert Knepper, Tom Hiddleston, Christoph Waltz maybe? Kevin Bacon anyone???

In a perfect world they would pay whatever England wanted to come back. Then go on and get Wes Craven back on board, as an adviser or maybe even director! Craven was pretty upset he didn't have any say in what happened to the remake in 2010.

What I Would Like to See As A Fan

Basically, they need to look at the story from an angle that was not exploited before. Maybe, a prequel? I would love to see the whole mythology of the dream demons and then lead up to Freddy's Storyline possibly? Show his trail show his execution then go from there. I think that would translate well into a reboot. Call it the Springwood Slasher! Which then opens up to sequels with whoever plays Freddy as his human form coming back as the burnt face icon we all love. Giving new content to an old concept. Get people hooked on the prequel and used to the new actor playing Freddy. That is what I would like to see. And PLEASE for the love of God make it rated R. No PG-13 crap.

What do you thoughts and opinions on another reboot?????


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