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I'm obviously giving this movie a 10 first off all because it has ALOT of action wich I personally love & it's a little different then the other movies I've seen it's not boring. When I see an action movie I get really nervous because I'm excited about what's going to happen next and thats what happened when i saw this movie wich means it was really entertaining WOW! Finally I loved how Paul Walker acted in the movies the whole cast impressed me. In Fast & Furious 1 he was really young and he kinda grew up with Fast & Furious and the whole cast I guess that's why the whole cast misses him alot when he died that's all I have to say about this movie I give it a BIG 10.

R.I.P Paul Walker

Sorry guys I posted something late I'm just sick but I feel much better oh and I will be doing something other than reviews it's just I really like to do them but I'll start trying new things in the future so if I mess up dont judge me. Don't worry I'll sometimes be doing reviews byeeee.


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