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I am probably the biggest comic book movie nerd out there
Ty Columbia

Hello everyone, this will be my very first post as a MP creator so here goes. I believe as a life long movie fan I've seen it all, from a beautifully created masterpiece to downright awful pieces of crap. For example, in my opinion Adam Sandler movies of old were some of the best comedies I have seen in my life like The Water Boy or Happy Gilmore, but now as the movie industry has evolved his quality of movies are usually good for the younger age audience. Now don't get me wrong, he has built a resume well enough that he can create any movie that he wants but the quality of it goes down when he continues because he doesn't have his spark that he used to. My point is that directors need to evolve to make better films.

I've noticed in Hollywood that most films have no more original ideas so they start making all of these remakes, or they just make movies based on books which can range from novels to comic books. Now don't get me wrong, my favorite movie genre is the comic book genre, but there is absolutely no more original ideas out there with an exception of a few. Now I believe that it is fine if you base a movie off of the original or make a movie from a comic book, but most of these movies and I say most of them, don't follow their source material. Take this new Fantastic Four movie, from everything I have heard they have completely ignored everything what the comic book was all about. What I appreciate from the original two FF movie in which people bashed for the longest time was the fact that they made the effort to try to follow the source material, this new one directed by Josh Trank has nothing to do with any of the source material. Kate Mara, who plays Sue Storm a.k.a The Invisible Woman, noted that she was never a comic book fan said that Trank told her not to worry or read the comic book. Basically saying that this has no connection with the source material and is probably the reason rotten tomatoes gave it a 20%. I'm not saying that you have to follow everything about the source material, but show some respect to the fans that pay to see your creation.

The best movies these days will always be original that's why I believe that Hollywood needs to evolve or whats the point of spending $15 for a ticket. So that's my first article, let me know what you think and make sure to tune in soon to my youtube channel to view all of my video movie reviews, Thanks!!!!!!!


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