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Earlier in the summer on June 5th the third installment to the Insidious Saga premiered and the crowd was not as wooed as they have been and in my opinion it was due to the irrelevance of the plot. Yes it was good and solid but what I see it as was the writers Stalling. The first two movies both connected themselves but this one only involved Elise growing some balls. Sure without it we wouldn't have known why Elise does what she does without it but it still isn't relevant. The writers were "stalling" because there had to be more tension between the second movie and the one following that and time builds tension. One other major detail that bothers me is the fact that Quinn (the main character) is some how in the trapped in the further but is also conscious in the real world at the same time. Also she also doesn't have the ability to astral project. The reason that bothers me is because Josh and Dalton Lambert of the first two movies both had the ability and thats why each one were able to get trapped in there. Quinn was "partially" trapped there because she "partially" went there to contact her mom. I don't like all the grey area the writer Leigh Whannell (who also played specs) left out where the original writer, James Wan, wasn't so careless. I think that the only part (and this was really only a two second clip that was important) was at the very end where Elise is about to go to bed when she sees the face in the closet and then the red face demon pops out behind her, which i think the fourth movie will involve because it is between the third and the first movie.


Did You Like or Dislike the Third

Now the point of this article wasn't just so I could complain about the third movie, it was to talk about the next two. In this article I will be talking about what is confirmed but what also is my theory.

4th Installment

Okay, so we now know (because of the end of the third) that they are bringing back the red face demon aka Darth Maul from star wars

Darth Maul scaring the poo out of us in the end of3
Darth Maul scaring the poo out of us in the end of3

Like I said before, the fourth movie will be between three and four, and like the sequel to sinister focusing on baghul, this will focus on the demon and its origin. There is not yet much information because the fourth is still in the early stages in development. But I do think (and this is a THEORY) that the fourth will be centered on the demon. The fifth movie seems like its gonna be really interesting

5th Installment

The fifth movie I think will be amazing. It will pick up where the second one left off where Specs and Tucker visit an unknown family and Elise is a ghost but a little girl sees her even though she is only in the further (which we now believe there is a timely connection between the worlds) which tells us that the little girl can see the further. Elise goes inside to talk to a girl in a wheelchair while Specs mentions something about when the girl was resuscitated back to life she may have brought something back with her. Whats that something? Red face Demon. The reason it is red face is because they brought it back in the third to explain him in the fourth. And the fourth is so the audience knows why he is there in the fifth. After Specs says that the wheelchair girl brought something back to life with her, Elise looks behind the girl in the wheelchair and sees something we can't (which means it is in the further) and says "Oh my god". I think that the reason the little girl was able to see in the further and real life is I think maybe the same reason Quinn was able to see the man who can't breathe waving to her in the third movie. Last, the reason I think red face is coming back is because he never really left in the first movie.


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