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In 2001, Dreamworks made cinema history with the release of Shrek. It was an instant hit and was released to critical acclaim. To this day, fans still remember the film as an edgy spoof of the children's fantasy genre. One of the most fondly remembered aspects of the film is Mike Myers' unforgettable performance as the brutish Scottish ogre with a heart of gold. However, Mike Myers wasn't originally meant to voice the film's titular character.

Once the film started production at Dreamworks in the mid-90's, the legendary Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek. Despite getting to record most of his dialogue, Farley died in 1997 after an accidental drug overdose. After his death, fellow Saturday Night Live comedian Mike Myers was brought on to play Shrek.

Mike Myers took over as the voice of Shrek
Mike Myers took over as the voice of Shrek

Myers recorded his dialogue in his usual voice before deciding that he wanted to record his dialogue in a Scottish accent not unlike his character Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. The accent gave the character a special touch, and his vocal performance became one of the most famous ones in animated cinema history.

For years, many thought that Farley's recordings were doomed to sit in the bottomless pit of lost media with The Electric Piper and Margaret Hamilton's guest spot on Sesame Street. However, a story reel of his original performance recently surfaced on YouTube, giving his fans an idea on what his performance would have sounded like.

Producer John Garbett, who was originally attached to Shrek's production, actually uploaded the clip on Vimeo two years ago. However, it wasn't until hours ago that the clip started going viral online.

One can't help but wonder why a much-sought-after piece of lost media took two years to be discovered after it was already online. The Vimeo link isn't private, so perhaps some lucky internet sleuth discovered it and wanted to share it with the world. Either way, it's pretty certain that those who seek out lost media will be pleased with this finding. Now if only somebody could find more of Marlon Brando's recordings from Big Bug Man.


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