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10. 13th Ghost

There is a lot I love about this movie. All the ghost and how they work together in the end to kill the 13th ghost to get set free at the end. I alway get that 1 tear in my eye when their mom is the last ghost to leave. Hold on while I cry in my pillow.

9. The Exorcist

I do like this version big the Exorcist better than the newer version, just because I have my share of liking a variety of new and old movies. This is one of the old ones

8. Dead Silence

Some people have a fear of dolls, puppets, etc. I love this movie. It is a good message on to how people fall in love with there creations. This one maybe a little too much, but hey who cares right.

7. The Woman in Black

Idk why I like this movie it's great. Wait I know why! I'm a horror fanatic!

6. Hatchet

My dad got me hooked on this one. This is just a great movie in general. It's sad the way he dies, and becomes what he is.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street

Who wouldn't like these series of movies

4. Halloween

I love love love these movies, because he spend this whole time trying to track down his sister then he ends up trying to kill her. What brotherly sisterly love they have!

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This movie on the other hand always and forever will scare the shot out of me. That's all I have to say

2. Friday the 13th (2013)

There is always going to be a spot in my heart for Jason Voorhees! He is the shit. Killing people, getting revenge on teens/adults for his mom and literally never dying. People might think they kill him, but he says "ahhhhh!!!! You thought" lol

1. Evil Dead (2013)

This new version of evil dead is my number 1 movie I will watch again, and again , and again. I couldn't really get tired of it. It's got that touch in the movie, to where every time you watch it , weather it be everyday, every week, or every 5 hours, it will always be good. Kudos to the writers!!


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