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The fire next time (1993)

Reviewed by Jason S. Lockard

With droughts, wildfire, scorching temperatures and so on, our world leaders are all worried about climate change. That is reason for regulations. In 1993 a made-for-tv mini-series took the air talking about just such issues. That mini-series entitled "The fire next time" is now available on DVD thanks to the good folks at Mill Creek Entertainment.

The mini-series takes place in the near future, of 2017. Unrelenting heat waves and coastal flooding have been brought on by the greenhouse effect and are ravaging the Earth. While scientists and politicians argue and lay blame, ordinary citizens pay the price for a world sickened by pollution and economic disaster.

Emmy Award-winning actor Craig T. Nelson stars as Drew Morgan the leader of the one American family determined to survive against all odds. Even while facing cataclysmic disaster.

The film is an eerily prophetic film. It just seems like this story was taken out of our daily headlines. The acting is good for a made-for-tv mini-series. For comic book fans something to look for in this film is a Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) in a small role of David.

All in all I really enjoyed this film. The quality of the transfer is really good. I highly recommend it for disaster or drama film fanatics. Head over to today and find out how you can get a copy for yourself.

Moral Rating: scary images

Audience: teens and adults

Genre: disaster / adventure / scifi / drama

Length: 3 hours 15 minutes

Released: 1993

Rating: A


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