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Hey everyone! Saw the new Deadpool trailer today. I am going to start by saying I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds. If you are not I am not too worried about it (he probably does not know you exist anyway). Green Lantern aside, I am not talking about that, it looks like his second run at being a superhero will be a hit. It seems there is more of him in this rendition of what a superhero can be. His level of satire and puns not to mention his timing is superb. If you haven't seen it you can take a look at it on Youtube, I shared the link here

The red band trailer is there too if you want to look at it. The scene is the same from the trailer that leaked before the movie was greenlit. This is going to be an action packed thrill ride.

The thing that will set this apart is the same thing that makes Hugh Jackman great at playing Wolverine.... Ryan Reynolds is all in. He wants to play this character and he wants to put his best work into it. When you find an actor willing to make a character great and dedicate themselves you get a great product. He even makes fun of the Green Lantern, if you will notice the line where he tells them not to make his suit green or animated. Ryan Reynolds brings a piece of himself into this movie and I for one am giddy about it.

Making the suit out of real material and not CGI is worth the price of admission, it gives a sense of realness to the movie. If the action sequences are as good ad the trailer then the movie will be worth it's weight. Also, the other mutants in the movie this is what I want to see in a Marvel movie.

Thanks Ryan and everyone over at Fox, it looks like this will be a romping good time in the theater. Also, it looks like the Deadpool craze is one that that I can get on board with. Signing off for now.


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