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I was trying to think of something to write about here on, when all of the sudden (cue creepy music), I just got really excited to see Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension! This has probably already been done on this site, but I don't care, I like watching ghost videos on the internets, and seeing what creepy home videos or pictures people have to offer.

So, in celebration of the upcoming Paranormal Activity movie (that I WILL be seeing in theaters!), here are some of the creepiest, freakiest, and hopefully not fakiest home videos of seemingly everyday people that have some pretty gnarly paranormal activity caught on tape!

Ghost Children in our Basement Caught on Tape

This one seems pretty legit. Nightvision camera, no apparent tomfoolery with fishing line (the comments say otherwise, but I don't see it), and toys moving all over the place.
A quick google of this one (about 7,000 results), and a look at the view count (4.5 million...nice!), shows that this is one popular video. What do you think?

Hide and Seek Ghost

This guy's daughter plays hide and seek with her friend Mabel, only there is no Mabel living in the house. It all seems a little acted out, but freaky, still!

Civil War Ghost

This video isn't the property of this Youtube account, but I can't find the original upload, so I'll just share this link. Two guys go poking around an old civil war era abandonded house in the middle of the night, and what do they find? Well what did they expect!

A whole lot of paranormal!

This channel apparently searches Youtube and other sites, downloads other's videos, and puts them all in one big freaky compilation. Which is kinda crappy for the original content owners, but for us, it puts a buttload of ghost videos all in one spot!

Here are a few from him:

Paranormal Videos - Volume One,


and Three

These two were my personal favs-

Ghost Children in our Basement Caught on Tape Destroying the Place!

A continuation of the first one, I guess. This guy needs to get a priest in that basement!

Anyone out there have any paranormal footage they want to share? If, that is, they're still living to share it....moohahaha


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