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Aquaman through decades has been the butt of many fish jokes in the DC comics mythology but when the New 52 and jla fpp came out they all realized that Aquaman is not to be underestimated and when Aquaman comes out we hope the character gets done justice. here are ways to make Aquaman a success.

1. In Momoa we trust

Jason Momoa is a badass and a great choice and fans supported the casting but some where critical that Momoa doesn't sport blond locks but he gets a pass for his badassery he will carry the film and be the dark and brooding Aquaman we want to see.

2. The villian

Rumor is that Karl Urban is going to play the villian in Aquaman as none other than his brother orm/ocean master. Karl Urban could work as orm if he doesn't get cast as ocean master.

cast, edgar ramirez

3. We want Atlantis

We also want an Atlantan civilization to exist which means we want the Atlantans. And also where to film it.

clearwater fl

santa monica cal

atlantis island resort

atlantic city nj

south beach fl


where should aquaman be filmed

4. outstanding cgi

with flawless visual effects could make the movie standout. it's not everytime we get a movie filmed under water with outstanding visuals like having aquaman unleashing a kraken would be epic and prove that aquaman's powers can be used for badass control plus realistic visuals underwater.

5. showcase his strength

this man has the durability to resist machine gun fire, send superman flying with one punch, and go toe to toe with the strongest members of the jla.

6. set the bar high

7. make aquaman look strong and everything done right.


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