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So we've had good comic book movies and bad comic book movies. Today I'll give you what I think are the 10 worst so far.

#1 Iron Man 3

We all know Iron man 3 didn't live up to expectations. With a misleading trailer and a very disappointing plot twist, Iron Man 3 is sure to be one of the worst Comic book movies. Despite being financially successful the story lacked in many ways.

#2 Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is among the worst for a few reasons. First one being it was a rushed movie. After the success of the first film they were desperately wanting more money so they rushed this unnecessary sequel. Yeah it introduced War Machine and Black widow but even those two characters failed to impress people. Not to mention the villain. The villain was basically the same as the first. The only difference was his motive and choice of weapons. Other than that we just got another man in a suit.

#3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So there is allot I can say about this film. It had some cool scenes I will admit but there are some flaws such as Gambit, Deadpool, and even the cgi was bad. This movie stayed far away from the source material. Even Wolverine’s escape from the Weapon X facility is drastically different from what we saw in X-2: X-Men United, and all they had to do was re-use footage to keep it intact.

#4 Hulk

So this was a god awful film. The music, the villain, and the plot were all just horrible. Instead of seeing the Hulk we all know from the comics we get a depressed Bruce Banner with daddy issues. We see a scene where Hulk fights mutated dogs which was cool but really? We're putting the Hulk up against dogs? Not to mention the final fight scene where Bruce Banner randomly froze in ice. This movie is overall weird and far from anything comic related.

#5 Batman and Robin

Need I say more?^ Horrible acting, suits, plot, and a horrible Mr. Freeze. Anyone could go on all day about this movie but I think that picture says it all.

#6 Catwoman

Catwoman has a lot of flaws. Halle Berry's acting, the plot, and even the costume lacked originality. Catwomans origin was way off and not to mention the villain. A makeup artist? Come on now you can do better than a makeup artist.

#7 Daredevil

So I use to enjoy Daredevil when I was younger but looking at now I see why it gets the hate that it does. The suit looked very uncomfortably tight, the story was ok but still had some problems. Matt and Elektra's relation ship felt rushed, Bullseye barely did anything, and King Pin was downgraded badly. Could have been a lot better.

#8 Ghost Rider Spirit of vengeance

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance had some major problems. The story was awful and made absolutely no sense. No one could take anything seriously. We had Ghost Rider peeing out fire, the tone was silly, and the overall movie just couldn't be taken seriously.

#9 Green Lantern

No surprise Green Lantern is on this list. The suit, cgi, villain, and plot were all done poorly. The origin was right but everything after just flopped. Not to mention that even Ryan Renold's admitted to not liking the movie. Doesn't usually happen with DC movies these days but sad to say this on of their worst.

#10 Superman Returns

So yes Superman man Returns is in my opinion the worst comic book movie we've seen so far. He barely talks, never throws or lands a single punch or kick, saved by Lois, and just lacked as the Superman we all know and love. Considering this Superman was the best looking version after Reev's he disappointed very badly. Oh and not to mention the weird kid with super strength.


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