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As I was reading the articles from Moviepiloters Mark Newton (here's his article) and Beard Talks (here's his article) about midi-chlorians in the Star Wars Universe, they got me thinking. What if the midi-chlorians are still part of these stories, bringing with them both their negative and positive aspects?

Let me be honest with you for a second by saying that I am in the group that was completely caught by surprise by this revelation from Episode I and I definitely hated it. It felt like a cheap cop out and a punch in the stomach. I mean, one thing is to have Jar Jar Binks as a failed attempt for "comedic relief" but with the midi-chlorians, it was crossing the line. The purity of the concept was stained by an explanation nobody asked for.

Well, that was 16 years ago and the raging fan boy in me has calmed down since. Don't get me wrong, I'm still puzzled for why we needed to expand the concept of the Force but I am all for the midi-chlorians to show up if they are used productively in the narrative of the future films.

Like it or not, they exist now and the only problem I see now, just like Mark Newton mentioned in his article, is that the people taking the reins of this universe have the difficult task of navigating a narrative minefield (great term Mark, I love it!) left by George Lucas.

This just adds more interest in the future of the franchise in my opinion. It's time for the creative mind hive behind these films to shows us what they are capable of and use all the lore (or whatever Disney decided to keep) at their disposal. Including the midi-chlorians. Which takes me to the meat of the article.

Honestly, I haven't heard anything regarding Knights of the Old Republic being part or not of the future of the franchise. If there's anything different any of you guys have heard, please share it in the comments section. As of right now, my article will be based on the possibility that Knights of the Old Republic could be included in the Star Wars cinematic universe.

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR for short) is an outstanding addition to the Star Wars universe that came in the form of a video game franchise. Groundbreaking for its story telling and the introduction of one of the best characters in the Star Wars mythos: Darth Revan.

KOTOR brought two games to our gaming consoles and PC, KOTOR & KOTOR 2. The first game explained the rise and fall of Darth Revan during and after the Jedi Civil War (another good idea for the new films). Revan was a Jedi prodigy that confronted the Jedi Counsel about their decision of not responding to the preemptive attacks of the Mandalorians to planets of the Outer Rim (planets that are not recognized as part of the Republic) and Revan decided to go against their will and gathered a small army of Jedi to retaliate. When Revan came back, something went wrong and attacked the republic with a massive Sith fleet under the title of Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.

The second game has a Jedi Exile as the main character. He or she (depending of your choice) was one of the many Jedi that returned after following Revan in to the battle against the Mandalorians with the difference that your character had been stripped of the Force (manipulation of midi-chlorians, maybe?). The game also explains that Revan went missing after the events of KOTOR. At the end of the game, your search for Revan takes you to the planet where Revan finally defeated the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. The planet's name is Malachor V.

Here's where it gets tricky. For many years now, we have been waiting for KOTOR 3 and the game developer tried to give us the next best thing in the game The Old Republic (a massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that expanded on the KOTOR universe. Also, the stories of where Revan went after the battle of Malachor V and what happened before coming back at the beginning of the first game had been told on a series of novels and books.

But what if Revan is used in the cinematic universe after the events of KOTOR 2?

What if Revan discovers this phenomena known years later as midi-chlorians at Malachor V? Remember, Knights of the Old Republic is set approximately 4,000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Maybe that's the reason Malachor V was destroyed and the main reason of the Mandalorian Wars.

OK, bare with me on this one.

Midi-chlorians is the explanation given to us that justifies the existence of the Force. For some, the Force is based on faith, something intangible and some kind of energy that just a few chosen ones were able to tap in to. For others, its existence is based on hard science. Well, I say, why not both?

Maybe the first force sensitives (Jedi or Sith) were actually pure Force wielders. Something that these individuals were born with, keeping the mysticism of the Force intact. And with the pass of time, these pure Force individuals started to go extinct forcing both groups to rely on desperate measures and desecrate the sanctity of the Force by trying to recreate the Force in physical form, hence the creation of the midi-chlorians. A controversial practice, just like cloning.

Now, there's an excellent novel out there by the name Dark Empire which takes place six years after the end of Episode VI The Return of the Jedi and explains how emperor Palpatine reaches immortality by basically cloning himself.

This could be used to tap more in to the midi-chlorians history. Revan would discover the truth behind the midi-chlorians and how there are just a few pure Force wielders (Luke being one of them) around and both Jedi / Sith being raised only as weapons of war.

What if Revan ends up, at the end of KOTOR 2, giving up on both Jedi and Sith and decides to finish what was started at Malachor V?. The complete destruction of the Force, making Revan neither a hero or a villian but someone that believes the best thing that could happen is for the Force to follow the natural order of things.

What if Luke Skywalker finds a holocron (holocrons were used to hold information on force techniques and instruction manuals by force users) discovering the truth years later about the midi-chlorians linking both characters? We know Darth Vader was an anomaly in the Force for his high level of midi-chlorians in his blood but what if Luke is a pure Force wielder?

A message left from Revan, one of the few pure Force wielders, to others that share this gift. What if Luke has to decide what to do with this information? The Force still exists but just barely and he has in his hands the answer to eliminate it completely or continue its existence.

And with this dilemma, Luke will set in motion the events of the next chapters. Maybe we will understand more the meaning behind the title to the following chapter in this saga, The Force Awakens. How it will be awaken? That's what we are going to learn once Christmas hits our movie theater.


Well, there you have it. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you enjoyed the read. Shout out to Moviepiloters Mark Newton and Beard Talks for your articles opening the discussion regarding this controversial topic.


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