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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible Franchise and probably the last unless the legend Tom Cruise decides to use the Lazarus pit again. This movie is about a group called that syndicate who are trying to destroy the spy systems of each country. They are pretty much like the Anti-IMF according to Benji. So plot pretty much revolves around how the CIA is trying to shut down the remaining IMF agents including Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). At the same time Ethan is trying to take out the Anti-IMF which the CIA refuses to accept of their existence. One thing though, you guys should know, the plot is not amazing, its average. Its just there to make all the actions scenes flow together, and it does a dandy job at it.

In this movie we can see where the influence came from. They have definitely decided to go on the route by making films that are combining the roughness and cleverness from the Bourne series and the more craziness and unrealism from the Bond movies. They also seem to be adding a lot more humor compared to their first three installments due to the help from Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and sometimes also Tom Cruise himself. This franchise has really found their own niche just like how the Fast and Furious and the Marvel franchise has. Meaning like how the Fast and Furious franchise focuses on unrealistic stunts and action and how Marvel franchise focuses on comedic and well rounded stories. So just like that Missions Impossible niche is a mash-up of Bourne and Bond.

While watching this movie i noticed that the franchise decided to throw away styles used in their first three installments but not completely. They did not forget why people come to see the mission impossible movies, its for Tom Cruise and the suspense used in the first film. Obviously the movie has tons of Tom Cruise they also have scenes dedicated to bringing suspense. They also have brought the similar stylistic action from the franchise’s third movie by J.J. Abrahms. And to complement that, they had a crazy car/motorbike chase. The movie franchise has been making same action movie for years and many of us have become numb to that but this movie decided to slap you right in the face with some awesome unique sequences. The movie also decided to add some intense dialog especially during this specific scene with Benji and Tom Cruise, and when u watch the movie you will know what exactly I am talking about.

Performances overall were amazing. At the age of 53, Tom Cruise is still able to kick some major ass and at the same time play that very charismatic role we all know and love. As I said before Benji and Luther were hilarious with their jokes and comedic one liners. Rebecca Ferguson a very unknown actress played that smart sexy women that is a trophe that we have seen every single movie but she does something better. She was actually able to kick ass with use of her excellent martial art skills and also play a compelling character drifting from one side to another. Like this popular Youtuber said

“Giving a girl a gun doesn't just necessarily make her a bad-ass, she gotta have the skills too.”

The villain reminded me of Wilson Fisk from Daredevil. He would play that calm role and whisper all the time and then would randomly burst when he gets mad. But I wouldn't say he is the best villain in the Mission Impossible franchise because Philip Seymour Hoffman easily takes that in a storm.

So overall thoughts guys, I definitely think this movie is a good watch, but just is not better than Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. It was just barely able to make the cut but it's a good movie after all so therefore you guys should go watch this movie and out of my two possible ratings guys, this movie is a Yah.


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