ByShak Silver, writer at

The romance in this movie was amazing. And there just has to be a next movie. It will show the loveing bond betweem Mal and Now King Ben grow stronger. And it will show Malificent learning to love. And maybe the adult villains going to school to be good. And more of Doug. I really liked his character but he didn't seem as strong as i hoped he would be. I hope there is a second movie. Especially the love Ben and Mal share growing stronger. And i also hope we can see it within the next two or thre years. AND A WEDDING!!!!!!! Dont forget more of Evie's character singing. She didn't sing much. BUT DOVE NEEDS TO SING MORE. Maybe even a duet with Ben. Dove has such a beautiful voice. The conflict is that Malificent is still trying to escape and ruin Mal and Ben's relationship while Evie sturggles with losing Doug to Milan's daughter. Carlos loses Dude. And Jay is going to be kicked of the team if h doesnt do better in school. I hope you take this into consideration. At least a little bit. Evie, Jay, and Carlos's struggles dont have to be so important. BUT DOVE NEED TO STAY MAIN CHARACTER AND HAVE MORE ROMANCE.


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