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The Batman vs Superman trailer showed us A LOT. Showed us first lines from Lex, how he has Zod's body, Wonder Woman, a tattered Robin suit, and Aquaman, maybe... watch the trailer and see if you can spot what i'm referring to.


Find him? Or what I think is him? Try to look in the obvious section, that one scene with the water. Here let's examine together.

Now obviously just because it's an underwater scene doesn't mean it's Aquaman. But this does raises some eyebrows. And no i'm not saying the dude in the scuba gear is Aquaman but that figure below him. It looks like it's a human figure hunched over, and the right part is his head with some sort of bag covering it. It even looks like some of his hair sticking out. He could be in some sort of exile, whether it is self imposed or forced is not for me to say. But the chains could be used to hold him down, or hoist him up. Which leads me to another factor that makes me believe this is the King of Atlantis.

Lex Luthor

How does he factor into all this? Well if the rumor of how Aquaman shows up in the film that hit the internet earlier is true then he does very well. *Slight possible spoilers ahead* It is said that we see Batman break into Lexcorp, he goes to the security room and on one of the cameras sees Aquaman in some sort of strong glass holding container where he slaps his hand on it. This fits in nicely that while searching for Kryptonite or parts to the World Engine, Lex finds Aquaman, and imprisons him.

Look whether or not this theory is true, the important thing to remember at the end of the day is that Aquaman WILL appear in BvS. It is exciting to see him in a live action movie with this tone and look. I'm really intrigued on how they'll use him.

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed my theory. I realize a lot of it is speculation, but hey it's worth taking note of. If you enjoyed it please share it around and follow me to see more of my posts. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time guys, take care!


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