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As we all know Batman will be featured in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad coming in 2016. Many expect his role to be very minor but this article will be explaining why his role might be bigger than expected and how I predict it will play out.

Undercover trying to Catch Joker and Harley

As we all know Batman has history with the Joker and Harley Quinn and is after them in the Suicide Squad most likely for the death of fellow robin Jason Todd. From the pic above it seems like that Ben Affleck undercover watching Joker and Harley Quinn from afar. Set photos revealed Batman giving chase to Harley Quinn and Joker and even getting on top of their car at one point to capture them both. of course he succeeds in this and jails them both for whatever crime they did and moves on, this scene will be a flashback most likely.

Bruce Wayne's involvement

Ok here where my theory comes in. Alright so as we all know Amanda Waller is the one behind the Suicide Squad as it being funded by the government as a corrupt government organization called Task Force X. My theory is Bruce Wayne hears about this supposed task force that being assembled and wants to have a meeting with Amanda Waller about this supposed task force she assembling for certain missions. When the two meet later Bruce asks about this supposed task force she having come together but she denies all accountability for it and passes it off as a silly rumor that she didn't even know got started. But knowing Bruce he tells her that he knows it true and tells her to shut the project down knowing it no good, but Waller insists that she knows nothing about it and moves on from it. After dinner Waller shows Bruce a facility she holding dangerous criminals in he sees all the criminals he locked up in the past even Harley Quinn which he starts to have his suspicions about this facility. Amanda Waller says that she wants The Batman inside this facility too because the government deems him a threat because he is not well known and they think he the key to tracking down "supers. She even decides to ask him a few questions about the Batman but he rubs it off pretending to not know anything about it.

Batman and Amanda Waller

Once Bruce is aware of this secret task force that Waller has been building he decides to pay her a little visit as The Batman himself. When he gets her alone he questions her about Task Force X and why it been assembled and who all connected to the project itself. Waller explains the team has been assembled to do some good but Batman doesn't see it that way looks at the team as a threat. When she explains that one of their missions is going after the Joker because she needs information on Batman because the government has footage of him in action and despise him but thinks he the key to tracking down all the "supers". Fearing Joker on the loose he automatically disappears in the shadows but not before telling Waller that if her team harms innocent lives he'll be back.

Batman will be secretly watching Task Force X in the shadows.

Throughout the whole movie I think Batman will be watching the entire squad hoping that eventually they will lead him to the Joker so he can stop this madness once and for all. Batman will eventually make himself known to the Suicide Squad and ask them where the Joker and tell them to give it up and turn themselves back to the property authorities . Seeing how he jailed all the members before they won't want to go back and a standoff between the Batman and Task Force X ensues. Batman quickly takes the squad one by one and eventually gets to Harley Quinn asking her where the Joker. She later complies and Batman eventually finds his way to the Joker and they eventually have a conversation with each other about their history and what not eventually leading into a physical confrontation with the two. As Batman takes down Joker he eventually puts all the members back in jail and tells Waller that the whole world will find out about her team soon enough and that he will continue to have a close eye on her and her activities before disappearing in the shadows again.

Well that all for my theory about how Batman's role in Suicide Squad will pan out. If you liked my article don't forget to share it and follow my page for more content, if you have any thoughts make sure to comment down below.


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