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This morning I looked at 'The Telegraph' and this caught my eye. The full article is listed below.

The Article

Police respond to reports of active shooter at Tennessee cinema,spokesman says suspect armed with a hatchet and firearm was killed. The guy had been shot dead by a SWAT team police said. No other fatalities were reported(Thank God)

The shooting in Tennessee comes two weeks after a man opened fire in a cinema in Lafayette, Louisiana and killed two people before shooting himself. He injured nine others.The grim trend of cinema shootings began in Aurora, Colorado in 2012 when James Holmes killed 12 people during a midnight screening of the Dark Knight. Holmes faces the death penalty for the massacre.

And the suspect is.....

So thats the buzz. I sure hope nothing like this happens in Australia, after all I might be one of the people inside the cinema....

-Source, The Telegraph


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