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Robert Escamilla Garduño

This movie is a huge disappointment. Nothing happens in the 1 hour 40 minutes that feels like 2 hours and a half.

When the trailer came out, with a very interstellaresque look I got excited, well that's the biggest excitement this film has produced me.

It lacks emotion, conflict, empathy, everything is so freaking wrong with it.

The first hour and a half could have been the first 30 minutes of the film. They expended so much time in the first act that the 2nd act of the film is (invisible) and we jump directly to the 3rd act that burns into ashes without any support.

Usually I try to be positive with every film and try to find their good side. But in this case I'm really disappointed. The previous films, yeah those with the blonde Jessica Alba, were way more entertaining and exciting than this one

The only good thing from it are the VFX and the casting. But I can't understand why these actors accepted to be in a film with such a bad script. Ok, I get everyone wants to be a super hero but not everyone gets second chances like Ryan Reynolds so they should be more careful with their choices.

Maybe Stan Lee thought the same thing about it, so he decided not to do this time the now famous cameo.

I don't even know if there is an post credits scene, I didn't stay. And honestly I don't care.

Don't waste your money.

Ps: Dear Fox, you should return to Marvel the fantastic four rights. I'm sure that even their worst version would be better than yours.


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