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I'm sure many of us have watched several horror films over the years, but there are always those few that will stick with you. Recently, I was talking with a couple of Moviepilot friends (Traelon, Kim, Nicholas) about horror films, when I realized how a couple of these movies had a horrible impact on me. I thought about how interesting it was that they were so influential on my life compared to other horrible things that have actually happened to me. With all of these emotions flowing, all me to walk you through the five horror films that ruined my life.

5. Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters was a film that used it's hand-held P.O.V. masterfully. It really helped immerse you inside this abandoned mental hospital with these filmmakers and the monsters. What made Grave Encounters scary was the balance between jump scares and suspense. It didn't give you a lot right away which allowed the pay-off to really hit home.

Grave Encounters was the first film I watched from the movies on this list, and it really was the first horror film that stuck with me until this day. I can't look at dark windows the same, nor can I walk into a room with someone in the corner. I am forever ruined for those two things. To this day, whenever I find myself uneasy in a dark place, I immediately (and unfortunately) think of this film.

4. Kill List

Kill List will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable. It's about a professional hitman who begins getting odd contracts. Each person he kills says, "Thank you." However, things really get crazy when you find out the true sinister plot behind these contracts. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and eventually push you off the seat entirely! I highly recommend this film.

I came about watching the Kill List by searching for terrifying indie films on the internet with my best friend. The name stood out to us and we ended up watching it with my girlfriend as well. We had no idea what we were getting into. It wasn't the scary images or sounds that really stuck with me, but it ruined the phrase, "Thank you." I will forever have this lingering horror associated with that phrase thanks to this movie.

3. VHS

V/H/S is a mix between the hand-held style of Blair Witch Project and the idea of the Poughkeepsie Tapes and The Ring. Every VHS has a grisly murder taped on it, and when the viewer watches it, either they or those around them die. The movie contains several very different sets of murders and each one is disturbing. However, there is one in particular that will freak you out to your core. If you've watched it, you'll know, and if you haven't you will know when you see it!

I made the mistake of watching this on the recommendation of my bestfriend who had previously seen it. I watched it alone late at night, the prime time for horror viewing, and I was pretty scared. The scene that ruined my life deals with picking up a girl at a bar. I won't spoil the scene, but needless to say, I'm ridiculously weary of everyone I meet in public now. I am constantly thinking about how they might kill me if I let them too close. (Like I said before, you'll know the scene if you've seen it)

2. Antichrist

It's not quite what you'd expect with a name like that, trust me. The film is about a married couple who lose a child and are struggling with their marriage. They go to a secluded cottage to try to piece their lives back together. This being a horror list you can assume that things obviously don't go so swell. The movie is actually extremely beautiful, which makes it all the more disturbing. There is some mutilation and odd occurrences and an ending that will leave you questioning everything else in the film.

Antichrist ruined my life in a couple different ways. One, it ruined Willem Dafoe for me. Here the Green Goblin was in the forest getting involved in some terrible antics. It ruined a bit of my childhood by destroying Norman Osborn! It also ruined secluded nature. I live in Northern California and one of the best things to do is go exploring in the mountains. However, now whenever I get out too far, I feel like people are watching me and preparing to leave me horrible gifts. No thanks invisible people that I KNOW are there! The most obvious way it ruined my life was a scene in the final act. This is again one of those things that if you've seen it, you undoubtedly know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, and if you haven't seen it, it's probably best you don't. What I will say is, if you're a man, it might be best if you skip the last 10 minutes of this film...

1. A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is about a retired pornstar who is pulled back into the industry by a reclusive and weird "producer." The films he does get worse and SO MUCH WORSE. It ends with you feeling exhausted and beaten. It puts you, and some characters, out of their misery.

If you've seen this film, I probably don't have to explain the many ways this film has ruined my life. If you haven't seen this movie, I urge you, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. I don't want to sound pretentious but I am a fairly tough person. I've been through plenty of bad things in real life, yet this movie broke me. I was literally not okay for two days. I had a hard time looking and talking to people. There are lines from this movie that still haunt me to this day. The lines are so vulgar, I won't even post them here. This film truly ruined me, and unfortunately, I don't think I'll be forgetting it anytime soon.

I applaud you if you made it through this list! Sometimes we have to look back at some of the harder things in life to realize how far we've come, and these films definitely help remind me of the better things in life. I love all film, and horror holds a special place in my heart. As much as these films tore me down, I still enjoyed them and appreciate their place in movie culture. The only one I seriously don't recommend is A Serbian Film. It will ruin your life. Trust me. Thanks for reading!


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