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In the last century the world has experienced huge technological advances which allowed people to extend their knowledge and improve their talents. One aspect of that development can be seen in the cars industry, where manufactures were able to introduce technology in all cars. Furthermore, they has started to build prototypes for fancy cars that help in the creation of movies. Fancy cars not only bring excitement for the audience, but it is also a good sign of how directors and storyline writers apply their imagination in a particular movie.

Batman brand is one of the most successful brands in the entire world. There has been a huge development of Batman's car "Batmobile" in the last couple of years. People are able now to spot the changes as well as any extra additions in every movie. This article will review the latest edition of the car which appeared in the last batman movie.

The car has showed a tremendous performance in terms of engine power. It can reach a speed of 100 KM/ hour in 1 second. Furthermore, the engine is supplied with numerous features which allow it to adapt to different types of roads and obstacles that will face Batman in his quest to bring justice to the city. The design of the car is considered by many to be the best design of all time, the great mixture of triangle shapes makes it unique. The paint job of the car is also great, however it was not as good as the previous one because the viewer can spot the low professionalism in applying the base color.

When it comes to the tires, they lived up to the expectations. They ability to perform hit and run attacks was available for Batman because of the tires. If, for example, a tire is damaged, then a new tire is placed automatically without any problem. It should be noted that many features has been added that created a competitive advantage for Batman when dealing with enemies, here are some of them:

Extra protection: The only one who can unlock the car is Batman himself

Simulation screen which gives the driver the ability to anticipate future action and what if scenario analysis

modified GPS System, monitors , and voice commands

Miscellaneous attacking arsenal highlighted in smoke grenades and lazar rifle

In conclusion, the technological advances made life easier for Batman and human beings. The directors of the movie have put a lot of work in the movie and the car in particular with more positive expectations in the upcoming movies. The majority of the fans were satisfied with the car and they said it was so close to reality, so maybe in the next 20 years we will see a car like this in the streets in terms of engine power and design.

Written by: Attallah Haouchar

Published by: Carmudi


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