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Let's keep in mind that The Walking Dead Season 6 is not yet done with filming. There are always nips and tucks to be made with a supposedly complete product, and a Comic-Con trailer mostly serves as a reminder of a show's existence, and to tide fans over. Still, a Comic-Con trailer serves just as much to instill excitement and speculation in the fan base, and get longtime viewers and comic readers to start clawing over every icon and action beat in the trailer.

If you're a Walking Dead fan who was buried alive last month and have only just scraped your way out of the ground, check out the trailer! Also maybe call the cops!

Many fans are happy to see that the walkers seem to have been made a threat once more, and the entire trailer has a much more traditional zombie movie vibe! That said, the trailer does seem to be reiterating the same thing over and over, with the point being hammered home of there being an oppressive walker threat, and the people within the Alexandria safe zone being ill equipped to deal with it, besides getting behind heroic old Rick.

The Walking Dead is known for casually bringing in huge elements from the comics like it's nothing (just look at the speculation that surrounded the Wolves). In that sense, let's take a look at where Season 6 could take us!

Outsiders and the Hilltop Colony?

Who is this girl?
Who is this girl?

There's an interesting theme that The Walking Dead Season 6 seems to be delving into that concerns experience, and being weathered by the walker outbreak. There's a very pointed line in the trailer from Rick, saying...

"These people have been on the inside from the start. They've never had to survive."

As he says this, we see a young girl being let into the Alexandria safe zone. She looks like she's come a long way, and to be quite frank, she looks like she's seen some shit! Is this girl just a drifter, or is she an ambassador from another camp of survivors? Perhaps this could be the first hint of the Hilltop colony. My suspicions are backed up by shots of Rick running along an empty road, suggesting the group are gonna be making trips to another important location.

Leads in Danger?

I'll be the first to admit that this is kind of a redundant point. The whole point of The Walking Dead is that the leads are always in danger, and that no character is plot-proof. The Walking Dead as a show has always been denying that as a possibility, going as far as to almost randomly kill off comics veteran, Andrea. There's one shot in this trailer that some fans are worried may depict Maggie getting overwhelmed by Walkers. I wouldn't worry about this, given that AMC isn't crazy enough to simply dump a spoiler right in the middle of a trailer this big!

Morgan as the New Leader?

Will Rick and Daryl clash?
Will Rick and Daryl clash?

Something many fans have been hoping for is to see Rick go head to head with another survivor in the group looking to lead. Shane was too much of a straw man, and someone like Michonne, Daryl, or indeed Morgan would make for a more interesting adversary. The line form Morgan about being able to stop Rick suggests this could be where the show is taking him, though does that really suit the character? Morgan fits the image of a lone shaman rather than that of a strong leader. If you listen carefully to that line in the trailer, you may hear that it could have been edited to include Rick's name. This could all turn out as a ploy by The Walking Dead marketing team just to stoke the fires of fandom.

Daryl Captured

And that brings us to the somewhat of a cliffhanger ending to the trailer, which has Daryl held at gun point by some (sort of?) sinister figures. Strangely enough, it's a situation like this, with the main characters captured, that leads to the introduction of Negan and the Saviors. This would be huge, and it plays into the fears of some fans suspecting that one particular character who dies at the hands of Negan will be swapped out for the incredibly popular Daryl. It seems we will just have to wait and see! For more on The Walking Dead Season 6, click right here!


Will the Walking Dead Season 6 stick to the comics?


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