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While Universal has absolutely killed it this year off the strength of two huge blockbusters in Furious 7 and Jurassic World, Sony has... let's just say... not killed it. They more-so had to tap out of the fight. For reference, Universal has made $5.5 BILLION and counting. Meanwhile, Sony has made around $300 million. That's not a very high number, and it's already August.

Well, they are hoping that their upcoming slate of films saves them, and I'm pretty sure creative executives at their offices in Culver City are really relying upon what they have on the horizon to make sure they maintain their dwindling job security.

Luckily, they have action/horror sequels Underworld 5 and [Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter](tag:671270), set to be released on October 21, 2016 and January 27, 2017, respectively. Those are two potential hits that the fans can certainly get behind, but this list of their entire slate of movies otherwise looks a bit sparse with guaranteed moneymakers.

Sony has already dealt with so much, what with The Interview fiasco and the now infamous Sony hack that exposed a lot about the dysfunctional nature of the entertainment business in general, and also made Sony look pretty horrible in the process as well.

Resident Evil coming to a close will be epic

The final chapter of Resident Evil is apparently here, and we have this Instagram photo that Jovovich shared on her personal account that shows she may have a facial transformation of some sort in the film...

Underworld 5 is also going to be a hit, in my humble opinion

As for Underworld 5, Kate Beckinsale is back better than ever for it.

Another cool aspect of this film is that Anna Foerster has signed on to direct the feature, which makes her the first woman to take the helm for an installment of the action-horror franchise.

Is Sony in serious trouble?

We'll see if this slate lives up to the hype, and if Sony can get their act together in the rest of 2015... and 2016/2017 going forward. Do you think these two films, which are probably most likely to save the studio, will be any good?



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