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Satirical comedy channel So That Happened have posted a biting Lion King parody trailer, which sees Disney's cutest animated orphan, Simba, seek revenge against the Internet's most hated man of the moment, the Minnesotan dentist Walter Palmer.

If you haven't yet heard, an enraged social media mob has raised its digital pitchforks against Palmer - a controversial big game hunter who shot and killed a much loved 13-year-old lion named Cecil, renowned for being friendly towards visitors of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

After wounding the lion with a crossbow bolt, Palmer finished the rare beast off with his rifle, robbing Cecil's two prides - containing six lionesses and 12 cubs - of their alpha male.

Understandably, the senseless bloodshed prompted mass outrage from all over the world, with some even descending on Palmer's home to express their disdain.

Mr. Palmer's holiday home
Mr. Palmer's holiday home

The parallels to Disney's animated tale have not gone unnoticed, with YouTube channel So That Happened's brilliant parody trailer providing some rather cathartic viewing in the face of this tragedy.

As you'll see, Simba has thrown Timone and Pumbaa's catchy life lesson out of the window, refusing to stop worrying and be happy until justice has been served to the savage lion murderer - I think we can all empathize with the young cub's thirst for revenge! Check it out below:

When everything he knew was taken away... orphaned lion cub went searching for answers.

"His dad was shot with an arrow by a dentist!"

"You must avenge my death, son. Board an airplane, fly to Minnesota and rip that dentist's f**king throat out."

"See that constellation, the one that looks like a white guy in his 50s with a fake smile? That's the dentist. Someday he'll murder me, then you'll murder him back."

"And that, my son, is the circle of life."

Make sure you watch the awesome video in full below:

I don't know about you, but I won't be hakunaing nor matataing until Palmer is brought to justice.

R.I.P. Cecil.

[Source: So That Happened]


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