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Not too far off, we'll have Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch on the way as part of 's Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney, the parent company of Marvel, unveiled Cumberbatch's costume in Africa as part of a promotional event for the company as well as the film.

Here's what HTXT. Africa had to say about the new film from the powerhouse that is Marvel:

Doctor Strange looks dark. Very dark. As in scraping the edge of ‘horror-movie-dark’ and information imparted about the film from Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, supports this appraisal. According to Feige, the film will have a firm footing in the shadowy world of the occult and supernatural. While we’re not expecting it to be a true blue horror film, but if it could provide as many chills as say Constantine (the TV series, NOT the film), then that would be great. Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks very fetching in his Doctor Strange get-up. Very fetching indeed…

We don't have any photos, sadly, but we have descriptions. And the goatee IS officially happening, which to me is huge! Cumberbatch is one of the hottest A-listers right now, and many fans of Doctor Strange and Marvel in general are looking forward to seeing him take ownership of the role.

These tweets that came out of the event shed some light on how he'll look...

I can't wait! Phase 3 is going to be huge! Check out this oldie but goodie video of Moviepilot's very own Will Wharton talking about Doctor Strange.



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