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The Beijing Winter Olympics aren't even being held until 2022, but the games have already made news this week for one bizarre, but vaguely familiar detail: the olympic theme song.

Now you may not have realized that the Olympic games have theme songs, but they do, and for 2022 Beijing has even unveiled a rather good one. "The Ice and Snow Dance" is catchy and beautiful, but there is, however, one major problem - the song sounds extremely similar to the song 'Let it Go' from the 2013 Disney movie Frozen!

In case you need a refresher on what exactly 'Let it Go' sounds like, then hit play and soak in this little ditty performed by Idina Menzel:

And with all of that in mind, now take a listen to the 2022 Winter Olympics theme song and note the almost identical intro and key piano parts:

Notice any similarities? If not, perhaps listening to this cleverly made mash-up which blends 'Let it Go' and the Winter Olympics theme together will show just how similar the two are:

Reactions to the song in China have been overwhelmingly negative, with people embarrassed by the blatant rip-off. But despite the reaction, neither composer Zhao Zhao, or the Beijing Olympic Committee have responded to critics.

Really though, you can't exactly blame the Chinese for wanting to cash in on the popularity of Frozen, especially for the Winter Olympics which seems like the perfect occasion. And something tells me, given the lack of response from the powers that be, the Chinese public might just have to let it go, because this tune just might be here to stay.

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