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A deleted scene from Lilo & Stitch has revealed that Disney was considering stepping into more confrontational territory by including a segment about how Hawaiian natives are commodified and dehumanized by ignorant tourists.

In the short clip that was clearly deemed too inflammatory to make it into the movie, Lilo encounters a variety of tourists who have descended on the tiny island for their vacations. Unfortunately, these aren't the kind of dudes who have read the 'Lonely Planet' guidebook from cover to cover and their rude and insensitive comments highlight the effect that ignorant tourists can have on people's day-to-day lives.

"Hey, Speak English?"

Although Lilo is just a small child, people treat her rudely without saying "please" or "thank you" and speak to her like she's stupid.

"Oh, look! A real native!"

As she walks to the beach in her hometown, Lilo is viewed as a commodity by some of the tourists who point and stare at her while speaking about her like she's not there.

"Isn't That Cute!"

Despite the fact that Lilo is warning them about the siren that will alert them to a potentially lethal tsunami, the tourists on the beach don't take her seriously and instead focus on how "cute" she is.

"Tourists, Prepare to Die!"

When she screams, "Tourists, prepare to die!" and terrifies them off the beach with the routine testing of the island's tsunami siren, Lilo gets the last laugh though.

"If You Lived Here, You'd Understand."

When Cobra Bubbles appears on the beach, Lilo simply says to him, "If you lived here, you'd understand."

You can watch the full video of the deleted scene below:

It's a shame that they didn't choose to leave this scene in, it shows the price that locals pay for living in an exotic paradise. It's refreshing to see this surprising social commentary in a G-rated Disney movie, and hopefully we will see some more work like this make the final cut in the future.

(Source: Buzzfeed via Youtube)


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