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What if everything that we believed was real, was not real? When I watched The Matrix I was totally captivated by the fantasy story line. As the end credits began rolling, the fantasy was over and it was back to reality for me and everyone else. Now according to one of the most bizarre theories that I have ever heard, get this, we are all apparently living in The Matrix. The idea has been brought forward by some pretty reputable physicists presenting the mind-blowing theory that our Universe is fake and it really is not the year 2015! You are probably reading this and, just like me, are not even 1% convinced by this theory. Let's see what the scientists behind the theory have to say!

Could our universe be a fake?

There are many theories around for the origins of our universe: The Big Bang, God created everything in seven days, etc. And then there are the other theories like this one, which astonishingly suggest that we are in a total computer simulation. The writer and host of Closer to Truth, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, has been discussing this idea with experts.

David Brin is a sci-fi writer and space scientist, and he surprisingly revealed this:

"It may be the year 2050 and people are living in a computer simulation of what life was like in the early 21st century — or it may be billions of years from now, and people are in a simulation of what primitive planets and people were once like."

The director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, Philosopher Nick Bostrom described the fake universe as a

"richly detailed software simulation of people, including their historical predecessors, by a very technologically advanced civilization."

So here is where this insane theory ties into the incredible Matrix film:

"It's like the movie except instead of having brains in vats that are fed by sensory inputs from a simulator, the brains themselves would also be part of the simulation. It would be one big computer program simulating everything, including human brains down to neurons and synapses."

Okay, so assuming we are not the only civilization and there are aliens out in space, Nick believes we have these possible scenarios to support his point.

"1) All civilizations become extinct before becoming technologically mature

2) All technologically mature civilizations lose interest in creating simulations

3 Humanity is literally living in a computer simulation." explained Nick's points further:
"If even one civilization anywhere in the cosmos could generate such simulations, then simulated worlds would multiply rapidly and almost certainly humanity would be in one."

I am struggling to take any of this seriously, next they will be telling us that some other aliens are playing The Sims right now and that we are all Sims characters! As the world is so entirely different, from continents to people, this whole thing just seems flawed!

Are we all part of some junior high experiment? So what else do the experts have to share with us?

Ray Kurzweil is a computer scientist, inventor, and futurist and thinks for this theory to work:

"Information is constantly changing, being manipulated, running on some computational substrate.'' Which could mean that "the universe is a computer." Kurzweil thinks that it is probable that he himself is a "pattern of information.''

Wouldn't it be very obvious if we were all part of a whole-world simulation?

So if everything happens because of the way we are programmed, how does, for example, bad weather being the cause of a car accident merge into this theory? If someone is controlling us then shouldn't the car be better controlled too?

Science fiction writer David Brin says that:

"If we are living in a simulation, then everything is software, including every atom in our bodies."

Let's make some sense of the theory with Martin Rees, a U.K. Astronomer Royal

"Well, it's a bit flaky, but a fascinating idea."

Yes, flaky, very flaky! If we are being controlled then who is the controller and what happens when their system fails. The theory sure raises some questions.

"You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland."

These experts are honestly suggesting that we might actually be living in the Matrix and that everything we know is an illusion conjured up by aliens or advanced humans. As interesting as this all sounds, I for one am a non believer of the theory.

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