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Comic-Con is always buzzing with famous faces who attend to promote their latest work through interviews, often taking time to meet their fans along the way. The cast of Fantastic Four was in full attendance, and without any disguise decided to walk amongst the crowds. Other stars have previously attended while donning full disguises; remember when Daniel Radcliffe showed up as Spider-Man? Or how about when The Doctor a.k.a. Matt Smith walked around in a Bart disguise, cheekily snapping photos of himself in front of the Doctor Who stand?

Kate Mara, Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four, recently shared her Comic-Con experience on Live with Kelly and Michael. Revealing what she was up to after her round of interviews. After spending the whole day at Comic-Con answering a whole bunch of questions surrounding the new movie, Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) and Kate went back the following day to have fun and geek out at the event themselves.

"We spent a whole day there, sort of working and doing press, and you don't really get to meet the fans. So the next morning, Jamie Bell and I decided, 'Well, we want the experience of Comic-Con. So let's just go out, let's walk to get a coffee amongst all of the fans."

You may be thinking they got entirely mobbed and had to crawl their way out of an excited crowd, right?

Well...Kate thought so, too. Kate told Jamie:

"Well, maybe this is a bad idea. We'll get mobbed and it'll be crazy."

But then, surprising to both of the actors, fans were so captivated by the spectacle at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that they did not even notice some very familiar faces walking amongst them!

"Not one person...not one person noticed us."

Gee, I kinda feel sorry for these iconic superheroes. How did no one spot 'em? At the same time, they probably totally appreciated not being mobbed and being able to have fun. So many celebrities can't leave the house without being surrounded. These young stars have a long career ahead of them to deal with all of that!

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