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If, like me, the idea of your favorite childhood movie being remade is akin to having your home stampeded by a bunch of rhinos, then you may want to exit this article right now. Go! Run! Go!

When Sony Pictures Entertainment released their mega movie plan from now until 2019, Jumanji was right up there on the list. Two decades after the original release, the classic is being dragged out of the jungle and will be thrown at theaters on Christmas Day, 2016. While there are certainly arguments to claim that the film could benefit from a little CGI pimping, I'd counter that it still stands to be pretty damn scary left as it is. The scene when the lion enters from the shadows...I literally had to get my mom to sit with me every time.

Or those flippin' MASSIVE spiders scuttling towards Robin Williams' face?!

Aw. Robin Williams' face. Those be some pretty big boots to fill for whoever they choose to play his character, Alan. And let's face it, who could they cast? I'll leave those suggestions up to you...that is, as long as you don't suggest Adam Sandler. If you do then you can hang your head and skip off home. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Maybe they'll get Kirsten Dunst back to play Susan Whittle, or Bradley Pierce to play the scary hunter, Exterminator?

Well, I certainly hope he's not aiming that rifle at your childhood, guys. I'll stop being negative now, maybe it could be fun to see how they modernize this '90's classic...maybe.

What do you think? Will we be crying tears of despair or tears of joy? Let us know in the comments.


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